Yotam Gingold
Plant a tree.

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translated poetry:
Who attacks you, proud gourd?
Who leaves tiny bites and scratches in your armor?
Who desires your hard flesh, stiff with forbearance?

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I cameo'd (feb) in Phases Crossed

Dr. Lara Kassoff, the best psychologist

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The Escape Artist (2)

I woke up to a humming sounds and two yellow eyes taking me in like a giant labrador tongue. But this was no labrador. It was small and black, with fiber optic cables out either side of the face. The mouth was smaller, too, and the nose more compact and efficient. This one wasn't looking for me so much as it found me and didn't know what to do with me. I let it lead me (or did I follow it?) out a side door and into the alleyway. There it paused for a moment, perhaps hearing something, before beginning its ascent. I started to climb the fire escape, hoping that (a) it wanted me to follow and (b) there was no trap at the end of it all.