Yotam Gingold
Plant a tree.

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translated poetry:
The trickle of clowns was noiseless.
Their eyes and noses were painted but colorless.
A fog of sadness hung in the air.
The circus was cancelled, the joy of children was, too.

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Maine stories

7.5 lbs lobster, caught themselves. Cooked in pieces, boiled over the sides of the oven. Disgusting. 4-5 other lobsters, too. 20 person dinner party. Sold the house soon after.

House had been french nobility. Fleur de lis wallpaper showed through children's wallpaper. At night, sounds of nobility. Children couldn't sleep. Sold house for less than purchase price, especially considering closing fees.

WV camping. 24 hour ranger station. Human Groaning sounds around camp, but nothing there when shining the light. Split up, half went to ranger station, but lights out, and when we rang the bell, heard groaning sounds and saw shadows of swaying human figures. Ran back to camp, and friends were gone.

Matt bought used bicycle. When he pedaled faster than 25 mph, heard high pitched sound. Bike shop said nothing wrong. Would ride on rail trail, and grimace with clenched teeth in embarrassment when roller bladders, moms, joggers went by. One day, biking fast and couldn't take it anymore, so leapt from bike, skinning knees and palms. People gathered, asking if he was alright. Wheels still spinning, and he still heard the sound, but no one else did.

Santa Cruz beach camp fire. People drinking, singing, coupling. Second high tide was coming, a few went to pee on the fire before going to sleep in the dune. You know how there's a lot of smoke when a fire goes out? The smoke cloud grew so large, it enveloped the piers. When it cleared, they were gone.