Yotam Gingold
Have you considered the benefits of vitamins?

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translated poetry:
night-finds were strewn about the valley
the river was flowing and rushing
the nightingale was chirp chirp
the trees were rustle-rustle
and the stars twinkled sharply, absent moon

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Melon Story (movie)

Rap Rap Revolution

JavaScript reference for non-JavaScript programmers

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National Geographic Society

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I cameo'd (feb) in Phases Crossed

Dr. Lara Kassoff, the best psychologist

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"Say, haven't I seen you before," the man leaned way back in his chair and asked the lady at the table behind. The lady, sipping a glass of some tinted, clear liquid, ran her tongue against her upper teeth behind her closed mouth and turned to look at him.

"I don't believe so, and I hope you're not the type to insist on ruining a private lunch."

The man glanced at her dining companion, an older woman, shrugged, and righted his chair. He resumed cleaning his teeth with a toothpick, wiped the spaghetti sauce from mouth with a cloth napkin, and exited the restaurant.