Yotam Gingold
Have you considered the benefits of vitamins?

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thermal underwear,
thermal undershirt,
long-sleeve shirt,
face mask,
ear warmers,

academic website


iBooBoo | Shofar Hero (iTunes link)

Melon Story (movie)

Rap Rap Revolution

JavaScript reference for non-JavaScript programmers

useful code snippets

National Geographic Society

tumblelog (japan)

I cameo'd (feb) in Phases Crossed

Dr. Lara Kassoff, the best psychologist

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I can't wait to slip my hands around your tender waist
I long to press my hand against your bottle cap -- and with a pop, slip it off
I dream of holding you cheek to cheek with a pounding heart beat
I ache for that breathless moment when our lips meet,
and with a sigh,
I desire to drink you in, complete